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Quantum Physics

From the very basics to popular topics


Learn the basics: Experiments that motivated quantum mechanics as well as the theoretical concepts behind it.

Advanced topics beyond university courses: Quantum computing and relativistic quantum mechanics.

Solve the Schrödinger equation: Doing this together step-by-step, teaches you more than 1000 oversimplified videos.

More than 3000+ students


Based on the Maxwell equations


Electromagnetism 101 - Theoretical physics of electrostatics, magnetostatics, electromagnetic waves & time-dependence.

Early electrodynamic phenomena & the mathematics that have motivated the Maxwell equations.

Electrostatics, Magnetostatics and solving time-dependent problems.

Light as an electromagnetic wave.

Statistical Physics

Statistical mechanics & Thermodynamics


Statistical Physics & Thermodynamics from Beginner to Expert.

Understand the theoretical physics of statistical mechanics (classical and quantum level) and apply it to thermodynamics.

Learn about the statistical theory of isolated, closed and open systems and apply it to actual problems like the thermodynamics of gases or phase transitions.

Wolfram Mathematica

Learn by example


Hands-on programming: Clever real-life programming for machine learning, natural sciences, statistics, economy, linguistics & Media.

Fundamentals: Wolfram programming language, notebooks & their advantages.

Basic skills: Use functions, lists, plotting, graphics & animation.

Cool applications: Use your knowledge to create useful notebooks and beautiful interactive images.

Computational Physics

Scientific programming with Python


Getting Started: A beginner-friendly crash course about NumPy, functions, loops, conditionals, lists, arrays & plots.

Numerical methods: Derivatives & integrals, differential equations & eigenvalue problems, interpolation & Monte Carlo.

Practice at Physics Problems: Magnetic field of a wire, radioactive decay, harmonic oscillators, free fall.

Application to Advanced Problems: Chaotic systems, heat equation, 3-body problem, coupled pendulums, magnetism & graphene.

Neural networks

Programming from scratch in python


Program neural networks for 3 different problems from scratch in plain Python.

Start simple: Understand input layer, output layer, weights, error function, accuracy, training & testing at an intuitive example.

Complicate the problem: Introduce hidden layers & activation functions for building more useful networks.

Real-life application: Use this network for image recognition.


in Science, Programming & Engineering


Complete Mathematics Masterclass: College & University Level.

All the Applied Mathematics Needed in Science, Programming, Engineering, IT & Business - Theory, Examples & Exercises.

Learn about Limits, Derivatives, Integrals, Vectors, Proabilities, Sequences, Series, Complex numbers, Matrices, Differential equations, Fourier transforms & much more.

Renewable Energy

Solar, wind, geothermal, bio & more


The complete course on carbon-neutral energy: PV Solar, Wind, Hydro, Geothermal, Bio, Nuclear fusion, Hydrogen & Storage.

Understand how the different renewable energy technologies work - Theory, Examples & Exercises.

Outlook into the future: Learn about nuclear fusion energy & Energy storage technologies.

Theoretical Mechanics

From kinematics to differential equations


Starting easy for beginners with Kinematics: Position, velocity & acceleration.

Continuing with Newton's approach. Dynamics: Forces & related quantities (work, potentials, energy, momentum)

The theroretical physics methods: Lagrange's & Hamilton's approach.

Analytical & numerical solutions of differential equations.


Geometrical, Wave & Quantum Optics


Geometrical optics: Reflection & Refraction for understanding Mirrors & Lenses.

Wave optics: Diffraction, Interference & Polarization of light as a wave explained by Huygens' principle & Electrodynamics.

Quantum optics: Energy, Momentum & Spin of light as photons.

Solar cells & LASER as modern light technologies.

About me

Hi, my name is Börge,

I am a tutor and scientist working on quantum physics and electrodynamics (the theory of solid-state physics). I think that these extremely fascinating fields of science are often taught either too loosely or with a too strong focus on the mathematics. Instead of watching random Youtube videos or going through hundreds of hours of university courses, I think that Udemy courses are a nice platform for purposeful learning.

Last year, when I learned for my PhD defense I rekindled my passion for the basic fields of physics and decided to make courses on them. I kindly invite you to join them! So far, I have created courses on quantum physics and electrodynamics. Both courses are quite beginner friendly because you only need to know basic college mathematics (vectors, derivatives and integrals) and the rest is taught in the courses. Still they are on a university level and condense a whole semester in about 10h of learning.

Over the last years, I have been supervising Bachelor, Master and PhD students in theoretical physics and have more than 1000 satisfied students here on Udemy.
I hope you may become one of them! :)

If you want to get in contact, please feel free to write me an email.